ATTENTION guys: Why did he hide his feelings from me? normal guy behavior?

Why did he hide his feelings for me?My ex coworker who I liked as a person told this to his boss on his last day of work about me: "Man, if I didn't have a gf!" (he also doesn't date. He's a relationship kind of guy). He also told her how pretty he thought I was TWICE weeks before that. Yet, he spoke to me like he had no hope (telling me his mental issues, he has no friends, people look at him funny, etc.). He never complimented me, or flattered me, etc., but then again I never showed interest back. His boss told me this yesterday and I had no idea he was so attracted to me. Why would he say something like this? also, he said he's 50% serious with his girlfriend (which means he isn't). This whole time I had no idea he was interested in me. Why did he hide it or pretend to not acknowledge it?


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  • Because if he made a move, and you accepted, he would be cheating on his girlfriend. It sounds like he's not that type of guy, as you said it yourself. If you are interested in pursuing something in the future, Next time you run into him you can casually ask him if he's single yet. That should really put the thought in his head. You don't want to be a home wrecker, but its an option to let him know you are available


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