Did she make the first move and is this a way of a girl telling a guy we should talk?

This girl wrote me online like hey. I replied with hey. She said she was just passing my profile and want to say hey. Was this a way of her making the first move and wanting me to lead and talk to her or am I over thinking?


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  • Yeah she wants you to take over the convo. Just act interested, ask questions, don't make her feel pressured to try too hard. Just act interested and let her be herself.

    • Thank you. I thought so to, but just wanted to understand that she was making a move and wanted me to lead.

  • you are over thinking it.

    • Then what's the case then? Girls don't just say hi to guys they find attractive and keep it moving. Wellat least where I'm from they don't. They expect some type of conversation.

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