Ex-boyfriend and pregnant

so I was with my ex for 3.5 years, we broke up because a lot of things happened that he destroyed me, so I began drinking, smoking and partying REALLY hard and started getting with guys. I got pregnant by a one night stand and I decided to have the baby. So after not talking to my ex for over 6 months or so, we got back into talking terms, and I contacted him because I realized I still love him, and never stopped loving him, because even a lot of guys asked me on dates I always declined because I still loved my ex and couldn't see my self with another man. We've been talking a lot, and pretty much acting like if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, just we don't go out together, nor we say cute things to each other. I'm almost 6 months pregnant and he just told me that he can't be my boyfriend and that I know that (because of my past and the mistakes I made).. do you think later on could he change his mind?

I'm 22 and he's 23


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  • As a man I would not be able to get back with you. Why? Because a lot of men, including myself would not be able to get over the fact that another man did everything to his woman that he once did (especially if it was right after). It's similar to feeling like your personal property being violated or taken (although you all were broken up). That kid would always be a reminder of your mistakes and that time period you were out sexing it up while you guys were broken up. You didn't do anything wrong at all...It's a guy thing.

    • its not only a guy thing! Its a girl thing as well! because girls are way more pessesive and emotional than guys .

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  • Very much doubt it. No guy wants to be tied down to someone elses mistake.

  • Probably not.


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  • Oh gee... I'm not sure. If he loves you and spends enough time with you and gets to know you all over again it's possible I suppose. But you will have a child that is not his. I'm sure that's something hard to overlook.


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