Do you girls ever "trick" guys into kissing them by moving in close? Really more manipulating than tricking

I was just thinking of how in the past I have had girls talk to me alone and just kinda get closer and move in. I would kiss them just out of reaction, and of course I am not complaining! I don't mean trick as in fool us, I mean manipulating us in a way that works out for both of us, ha ha.

But is this a thing girls are aware of doing, or is it a subconscious thing? All of them that I am thinking of kinda leaned in, made eye contact, and just got closer and I didn't even realize what I was doing until we were making out lol.

This happened several times, so I think it is a tactic you sneaky girls use!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i have done it to tease my ex before but usually it just happens if we are close.

    • You just start kissing if close?

    • yeah

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What Girls Said 2

  • if I want something I get it!

  • It's a thing we do sometimes depending on the guy. And sometimes our intentions are good, and sometimes not so much. It's best to know what kind of girl you're hanging out with before she gets a chance to pull that kind of stunt before you're kissing her and being rejected.

    • Well, every girl who has done that to me ended up kissing me and not rejecting me. But I can see how the evil bitches might do that lol

What Guys Said 1

  • I think they always pursue close to you for a reason of that nature.

    Either they want you to kiss them for pleasure,

    Or if they want you to kiss them so they can reject you.


    Of course, assuming if you read the right signs. And not just being a creep about it.


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