Is it okay to get back with an ex?

A few years ago I went out with this boy and it was the best and most healthy relationship that I'd had in years. Were were on and off for a while before I decided enough was enough and we split up

We stopped talking and near enough being civil with each other but he was still friends with all my friends. Then he started going out with someone else and they became the new 'us' in the eyes of all my friends and his but everyone agreed she was really controlling. A few months ago they split up and by that time me and the guy had reached a point where we could talk normally to each other without it being awkward

Now we are getting really close and are talking all the time. He's coming over tomorrow for the day (nothing big, just movies) but I really like him and want to make a move. But I don't want to ruin what we have and he's still quite close to his ex.

I don't know if he likes me or not but there's got to be something there or he wouldn't bother giving me all of his time surely?



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  • It doesn't *necessarily* mean that there's something there for him still, as you pointed out earlier, he's still close to his other ex. I get the feeling that he's just a pretty easy-going guy and doesn't hold any kind of grudge or anything.

    Now if you still like him... why not go for it? Flirt around with him, or at least keep inviting him over and when you feel the time is right, talk to him about it? He may still have a thing for you, he may not, but it's worth a shot. I'm sure if he doesn't, it's not going to ruin things between you guys.

    • Thats helpful thank you. It's what I'm doing lately and I'm just going to sit back an see what happens .You are right, he is the kind of guy to turn me down gently so hopefully it won't hurt our friendship.

      Thanks )

    • No problem. Glad I could help!

  • I always say an ex is an ex for a reason. The issues that led you to break up may come up again.


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