Is he cheating or loosing interest in me?

lately he has been working late like 6 30 am to 11pm everyday, he barely has conversations with me anymore, we never have sex he never even tries to or talks about it and we used to have a very healthy sex life, he always checks out other girls in front of me,he doesn't spend time with me at all he comes home jumps straight into shower and goes to bed, he has been deleting his texts everyday when he normally will let them stay on there for amotnh before deleting cause his phone holds a lot . I have kids by him and I am engaged to marry him I don want to if he is cheating or loosing interest in me please help?


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  • yeah, well, he might be having an affair, or maybe not.

    maybe he lost interest in you (you had kids, so maybe your silhouette is not as it first was)

    or maybe he has lots of work right now, and is really stressed ?

    i'll agree that the texts deletion from his phone IS suspicious, but... you really should ask him, and talk him directly...

    asking this kind of question on the net isn't going to get you any real answer...

    but when you ask him, leave the 'sad' feelings out of the discussion. be clear, concise and to the point.

    don't ask : "why don't you love me anymore", but ask "what is going on, do you have issues I could help you with'... stuff like that.

    trust me, it will help !

    keep us posted on how it wend, OK ?

    good luck !:

    • i have tried talking to him about this and how I feel its affecting our relationship but he just goes on another subject mostly about work I love him and want it to work sometimes I feel because of having kids and I don look the same I freak myself out knowing I am not what I was when we got together but he isn't either and I still love him I don't know I guess I just needed a guys opinion on the matter since I can't get him to talk about it thanks for taking the time to comment on this

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  • He's cheating or wants to cheat. Break up with him before it hurts you even more when you find out he has cheated.

    Probably just doesn't want to hurt you.

  • Why wouldn't you just ask him these questions directly?

  • He's losing interest.


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