What should I do and how long should I wait to text back?

I have been interested in this girl I met a few months back. We started hanging out a lot and making dinner/movie plans together. But we had to move back home for the summer (we are in college). We never really said these were dates but did say we liked each other. A few days ago I asked if she would want to visit my house sometime, she never responded until tonight but basically said only if our friendship stays as a friendship and that she sees me as a friend/"somewhat brother" (her words) and doesn't want me to develop feelings. I'm fine with this as I think she's a wonderful person and it was kind of awkward having to fall back to texting/calling when we had to move back.

I'm a bit lost on how to proceed from here. Any suggestions?

Also how long should I wait to respond to this message? I feel like if I respond right away she'll feel like I was waiting by my phone since I last messaged her, which will weird her out even more. Or should I sleep on it and text her back early in the morning?


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  • If you are really not interested in anything more than friends then go ahead and text her back. Just remember, friendships are relationships as well, and both people need to have the same expectations and reciprocate respect. In short, don't try to use this as a method to hookup with her later and don't let her use you as a doormat.

  • Text back as soon as you've received the text.


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