girl is she giving me good signs??

So there is this shy girl from my school in my photo class.She is amazingly beautiful.We are both 18 and we just graduated.So I can surely say that we are at least friends.So on back in February a fr of mine texted her from my phone saying I wanted to be with her but she said NO.So since then I learnt that she was into a guy but they got into a fight a month or so ago so its over.So here's how she acts around me lately:

-she really laughs at many of my jokes and stuff

-lately I started hugging her for goodbye and this first time I hugged her(3 weeks ago) she giggled and smiled

-i touch her on her hands and sometimes hold her forearms when we talk and she doesn't move or say anything. When we brush against each other sometimes , she never moves away

-yesterday she had something on her face bellow her lip and I told her she had smth there.She tried to get it off but she missed it so I removed it with my hand.She didn't move again

-a few days ago we were really upset about something that happened during the class.So I called to check how she was the very next day.After we talked for a while I said it was time for me to go.Then she said "Thanks for calling"

P.S so I was chating with another girl from the class after that mishap I wrote about earlier.So she told me "You two are so cute,I've never seen a boy treat a girl like that" I asked how? then she said "So cool, so truly ,so purely " So what I'm doing must be showing since other people notice it too.

SO are those good signs and what should I do?


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  • go for it...sounds like a match to me

  • Yes, she's giving good signs.


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