Guys: Their break up was my fault...and I don't feel bad.

Is that bad?

Please read the details before you decide.

There was a boy, Joe, in my high school, who asked me out three times over the course of the four years. I said no every time for two reasons. Reason one being that I was in a relationship. Reason 2 being that I do not like him that way.

I just finished my freshman year of college. One night, during school, Joe added me on Facebook. I didn't think anything of it as he had a girlfriend at the time. Come to find out, as soon as I accepted his request, he messaged me to tell me that he loved me and wanted to tell me and see if I had the same feelings.

I am still with the boy who I was with all four years of high school, so naturally, I do not have feelings for Joe. I told Joe that I was still with my boyfriend and that I loved him very much. Then I reminded him that he had a girlfriend. Joe told me that yes, he loved for his girlfriend, but his feelings for me were different. I responded by telling him that he should respect his girlfriend, their relationship, and my relationship.

He asked me, if we had both been single, would I have said yes when he asked me out. I told him that my answer still would have been no.

He said okay and unfriended me. It was very weird.

Fast forward two months and he and his girlfriend break up. (They'd been dating close to two years) and I get two messages on Facebook. One from Joe and one from his ex.

His ex said that Joe had shown her our messages and she did not blame me but I guess I'd shown her how untrustworthy her ex was. She thanked me and that was it.

Joe's message blamed me for ruining his relationship and said it was all my fault.

I'm a little insulted that he yelled at me over his own follies, but I did not reply.

So, is it bad that I think he deserved her breaking up with him and don't feel bad at all?


Most Helpful Girl

  • hell yeah..u and his ex are smarter than that fool..and he is pissed that he lost out

    • I mean ,hell no it ain't bad that you feel that way,he burned his own bridge and doesn't want to take the blame

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What Guys Said 1

  • obviously this story is told from only one person's perspective. from your story, it doesn't even seem like you're at fault at all...

    he messaged you... sucks for him.

    he showed his girlfriend the messages? what a fool...

    he had a girlfriend but she wasn't enough for him, he's just mad that he doesn't have you or his girlfriend either.


What Girls Said 1

  • You have no reason to feel bad and glad you dont. Joe seems like a right douche bag. Karma ;-) he created the problem with his ex and is now paying for it... not your fault he is 100% blame :-) most guys or should I say over aged boys always have to blame someone else ha ha xx


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