What should I do if my girlfriend is afraid of getting hurt?

My girlfriend of six months keeps pulling away from me. She says she wants me and us and but that she's afraid I don't really like her. I try so hard to reassure her that I wouldn't stay in this relationship if I didn't want it to work out. She's very insecure. She thinks I could do better than her. I think a lot of it stems from her divorce. The guy cheated and was manipulative and controlling. She's so sweet and nice and treats me wonderfully when we're together but she keeps pulling away and I have to coax her back. We made plans for tomorrow and I messaged her earlier today to confirm them but she hasn't responded all day and I'm pretty sure she's ignoring messages from me. I would never hurt her and I've been patient with her and this for several months but things get better and then she pulls out completely and doesn't bother to cancel the plans then she comes back and apologizes for her insecurities. What should I do to show her I won't hurt her? .


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  • If she's afraid of getting hurt, then tell her how it can't hurt her.

  • If you've been doing your best to be as sweet as possible and show how she isn't going to get hurt, but she still is freaking out once in a while--maybe you should look for a new strategy?


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