How to break the ice?

there is a guy that I know likes me but is too shy to approach me, we never talked but we have seen each other a lot. What can I do to break the ice?


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  • Usually what makes guys afraid to make a move is your body language although there are many other factors.

    If you know that he likes you and that you like him back, the best way to break the ice is if You make the moves, and it's usually accompanied with having to show him that you like him too.

    Okay, you could do a number of things but the main things are:

    Eye contact and a smile.-when he stares at you and you catch him looking, keep the stare for like a long 3 seconds and smile before you look away.

    Talk to him!--Initiate the conversation and be sure to speak clear and a bit slower. Show him that you're focused on him and are not just making quick small talk.

    Touch him!--Find any reason to touch him, whether it's teasing him or helping him. Let him feel you and make him feel that you guys could be that close.

    He'll know what you are trying to put on and it'll make him comfortable to approach you, talk to you, and maybe even make the first move to ask you out!

    The key is approachability.


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  • say hi

  • Compliment him in first impression.


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