Confused! he has backed way off, BUT he keeps texting me just not as much.

we talked everyday for 3 weeks. after our last time together he really faded away. I waited all day to text him and he answered. then nothing for a few days. I thought that was the end, he was not interested anymore. we are still friends on Facebook he didn't delete me. I just went about my normal life, went out with friends. then after 2 days he texts me on his lunch break a pic of his new bed he got (when we started talking he started a renovation on his house) he said we need to break the bed in (another inside joke) but I took it as he was just interested in sex so I waited a few hours and just said looks nice and not even address breaking it in even in a joking way. he didn't respond for a while and I followed up with a what you been doing. he texted back the next day saying he is still working on the house and kept his god daughter last night that's why he didn't text back and said sorry. today I intiated asking if the floors were done and he said he's been busy and he is still working on it and he could have used my help. I responded that if he needed anything just call. he never responded. I can't tell if he is trying to stop communication or he is honestly busy. I feel like if he wasn't interested he wouldn't be talking at all, but if he is busy he can at least text more than a few msgs at a time.


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  • Well, honestly I don't know. However I can share one experience I had that maybe relatable to you or not. I was gunning for this girl in my class. I went through some crazy playbook stuff, like making sure she introduces herself to me first and stuff like that. It worked and eventually she talked to me for ours on messenger.

    She even talked to me on messenger late at night. However she put herself as appear offline. I really thought things were clicking god damn good. Talking to me while appearing offline. Talking for hours every day.

    Then as ironic it sounds, 3 weeks later it starts to stop. She doesn't talk to me regularly. Even in class some how her attention towards me drop. Sure she comes and chat but it isn't with the same vibrancy she had earlier on. Only for a few days for me to find out that another guy in my class was gunning for her and damn he was far better looking than me.

    Her attention was more sided towards him. She even apparently went out with him but in a more under toned manner.

    This kept going on me trying to get her attention back and competing with the other guy. Weeks later the guy finds out she already had an existing boyfriend and we 2 were just mere well, attention givers for her. She enjoyed the attention and she played us.

    Worst still the other guy had asked her if she had any feelings for me. She gave him a firm no. I asked her if she had any feelings for the other guy. She also gave me a firm no. So, that's my story.

    I honestly do not know his intentions for why he is talking less. Maybe it's similar to what I had written or perhaps he is busy or something else.


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  • He's most likely busy. Don't read to much into it, texting can always be taken differently and misread. This was posted a few days ago. Have you two spoken yet?

    • We've seen each other and he talks to me like once a week. Hasn't progressed much just seeing what happens

  • He's just honestly busy from how it looks like.


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