A guy claims he likes me too much?

So I started sleeping with this guy, we had a really nice casual thing going for a couple of weeks. He says he's not looking for anything serious, and that's fine, cause I'm not really either. But as time goes by, I start to develop feelings for this guy. Then he tells me he wants to be monogamous. He starts saying other stuff, too, like that I'm "too much fun," and basically tells me he's starting to fall for me. Cool, right? We're both slowly starting to feel the same way, and I'm thinking maybe there's potential for a relationship. Then he tells me we need to stop hanging out. He says it's better for him not to get emotionally attached to women right now. I've heard the stories about his crazy ex-girlfriends, and know he's worried that I'm like that, and doesn't want to get hurt. Is there anyway for me to show him that I'm not like that? Any potential to win him back? Should I just leave him alone? A little background: We're both sagittarius, meaning we're both fiercely independent people, and neither of us like clingy partners, so I don't want to come off like I'm heartbroken or desperately trying to win him back, I just want to show him that I'm not like the people who hurt him in the past, I feel like we might be good together. Any advice?


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  • It means that he really likes you.


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  • Back off and give him space, maybe date other people. Stay relaxed and don't make an issue of it or he will run for the hills but he also needs to know you are not just going to be 'available' whenever he happens to be having a day where his head is not so screwed up


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