New girl vs the Ex, does it bother you?

Does it bother you girls when you're having a great conversation with a guy and you're having fun with him, then the guy suddently compares you with his ex-girlfriend (I'm guilty of that lol). It's her fault she started talking about stuff I used to talk to with my EX.

How much of a turn off is it? and how come it bother's you so much? when you're compared to the EX.


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  • Honestly, I don't care one bit. However, I will see you as a whole lot more desperate than the charming guy I saw 10 seconds previous. A little gossip about the ex might be interesting, as long as you tell it in a way that makes you sound logical, rational, and in control.

    BUT breakups tend to be emotionally charged and involve mistakes from both sides, so it's usually wise to just avoid this topic especially on dates 1-5. But really - why do I need to know? I don't care.

    You bringing it up sounds like you're intentionally giving me directions to your heart, where all the buttons (I shouldn't press) are. I haven't even decided whether I want to buy that heart of yours yet, so don't pressure me about how expensive it is yet. That takes all the challenge away...which is the fun part of initial dating. Let girls wonder what your history is like and it makes you seem more mysterious.

    Why would you try to brag with failed relationship? It doesn't make sense.

    • Why would you try to brag with failed relationship? ^_^ because heartbreaks feel great and we all have our share of failures in life. I know that kind of topic is a VIBE KILLER, but I need to test how she might react with the information and how she is going to use it. It's a test, to gauge how much of a gossiper she is...will she post it on Facebook, will she share it with her friends and they will push my buttons (I've prepared for assault) or will she keep it for herself.

    • Quote: You bringing it up sounds like you're intentionally giving me directions to your heart,

      With experience, I've noticed that some girls love juicy details about a guy that other girls find attractive. I became wise enough to put a tracker on information I give and also, at providing fake information to the girls I dislike, therefore once I've mapped the travel route of the message (her gossiping network), I can easily plant "FAKE" information, making her look dumb, for talking SH!T.

    • Haha touche! Though I can't imagine many girls would actually post something like that on Facebook...or even share it with friends who might be meddling risks. Even the girls that are just apathetic and rude would know that kind of behavior would reflect on them badly. But lol yes, that reasoning makes excellent sense ;)

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  • It's a turn off. It shows that he's not quite over her yet. If I'm into a guy, I'm not going to talk about my exes. If he talks about his ex, that shows me that he's not into me because he's still hung up on her.

  • It makes me think you're not over her yet and I'm not important to you


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  • It doesn't bother me at all.


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