What should I do? I want a long term relationship with him?

I met this guy few weeks ago, we texted, exchanged pictures for more than 2 weeks, he's been texting me wanting me to be his girlfriend, at first I thought he's only for sex, so I treated him coldly and said if you want me as your girlfriend, I can be one but no sex until marriage. To my surprise this guy agrees, even though he knows that I said so because I don't trust him at all, he knows that I had sex with my previous bfs. Few days ago, he went upset because I was being extremely strict on him, probably he think I'm playing him, because I said he can't even touch me except than kiss me on my lips on our dates (there's a strong sexual tension between both of us) due to the upsetness, he said fine, I won't even touch you don't worry, and I won't touch you even after marriage, hope you will be happy that way. I will bring you to meet my family as soon as possible to let you know that I'm being honest with you, not everything is just about sex, I want a relationship with you, love, and of course sex is one of it. But put me in a place of a man, don't look at me as if I'm some kind of SOB who will sleep with you and run away, you slept will your ex bfs, but you won't even let me to touch u? You clearly don't believe in me at all. I know he said all this because he's angry, and yes the next day he's all normal again. But the next day he told me, if I don't want to sex him, he's not sure how can he stand it, is it OK if he goes and have sex with someone else to take out the needs in him? I said if he does, I will do it too, and he doesn't want it. So he said, OK at least give me some BJs just to cool me down a bit, if not I am not sure how can I stand it :(... Yes this guy has a really high libido. I want to have sex with him, I do, but I'm scared that giving up too easy will let him appreciate me less, meaning he could just go away afterward. But in this situation, if I refrain him too much, he will also go away. What should I do? At least he already promised me no sex before marriage and agreeing to bring me and meet his parents? What are your suggestions guys? I know I should be giving him some bjs to control his desire, if not he will stray. But not sure when I should give it to him? Tomorrow will be our 2nd date, I'm just thinking about kissing and casual touching, but really I'm not sure?


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  • I would only wait to have sex with a girl after marriage if she was a virgin. If she's had sex before and now I got to wait wtf I'm out there's something wrong with that. You don't trust me or your just leading me on what's your game. All this is going on in my head. I see you've only had one date and that's good you haven't had sex yet, but telling him this only till marriage but I've done it before is like why am I even pursuing her. Something is just too fishy I'd be angry too.

    • I agree with you my rules on him was really harsh, actually I said that because I really don't trust him, he's a good looking guy, have a lot of one night stands. And I don't want to be that girl. That's why I set that rules on him. But if I know he's for real, I won't keep him waiting that long either. :( But the hardest part is how to know he's for real?

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  • This sh*t is classic! Do men really say "I don't know if I can stand it"? The hell? I saw the word "weeks" and was like "LOL THIS HOE GONNA GET PLAYED" and sure enough these really sh*tty lines genuinely work? I'd be an awesome girl. I'd be like:

    "bitchfool you need to 'cooldown' on your own and wait. If you can't 'stand it' then stand down because I am not at your beck and call. Past sex was a mistake."

    Then again it's obvious you aren't me, which is too bad, so instead you will either cave to this ridiculous demand or you will mope and come to GAG to ask about it because you ... Oh nevermind. What I'm getting at is you should totally do it. There's no reason for you to not give him blowjobs and hardcore after knowing the man for probably less than two ( and definitely not three ) lunar cycles because he "can't contain himself" much like he couldn't before he met you and obviously had a different woman on his penis every night because of how hardcore he was.

    I just love the "I agree to not have sex with you" bluff he pulled AND called you on. DOUBLE BLIND BRO! Seriously; "I'm willing to wait" + "I CAN'T HANDLE 3 WEEKS WITHOUT MY DICK IN YOUR HOLES" = stupid ass woman. The sh*t men pull ... Why even say it? If I was a woman I'd have made that man eat his own words and then beat him with a shoe. "I love you forever. You're more than holes to me." weeks later "Can I f*** other women?"


    • why did you just got dumped by your girl going after another man or something? you clearly have anger management issues

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    • I have a low threshold for people who disrespect themselves? Since you failed to see it the man has made more than a few contradicting statements within a short amount of time, asked if he can have sex outside the "relationship", and has used guilt-tripping as a mechanism to get what he wants. But hey, if it works, it works. As I said, with all seriousness, just relent and give him what he wants. Hopefully he really does like you for more than your holes!

    • So having sexual desire is disrespecting themselves? When a guy have sexual desire is normal, but when a woman have sexual desire she's a slut?

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  • It's moving quite fast if you only met him a few weeks ago? Have sex when it feels right.


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