Stepmother not like a boy

My stepmom has never like my current boyfriend. Currently she doesn't know we are going out. She has never met him properly and always asks about him when she can tell I am in a bad mood because of him. We have been dating for a year and three months..majority of them time her not knowing. She found out that we were going out two months after we started..had she flipped out

And punished me serverly. We broke up briefly and got back fast toward about six months..he decideds to text my phone with a message for her saying we are watching you...her name...

And she made me break up with him yet again. At that point we had nothing to do with each other for a month and half. Then we got back together two days before our anniversary. Since the I was made to break up with him again because we were arguing a lot. Throwing negative energy at each other.

Currently we don't know were we stand. My stepmom thinks its disgusting that I still like him..I told her recently that I like him on a friend level and is down with him.but I am not. We both love each other and I do.t her to find out.

My stepmom is sort of abusive verbally and has anger issues. She says I can't date no one with out her permission. And not to mention she is a control freak. She is devise a gap between me and my guy...I don't know what to


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  • Your stepmom has not met him properly, which means her opinion of him is based on her perception of how your guy appears to make you feel, his sarcastic text that was intended for her and him going against her objection of you dating him. Her opinion of the situation and of him is not likely going to change until they meet, or he convinces her that she has him made out all wrong.

    Communicate with her. Tell her how you feel.

    If you really want her acceptance, then set up a outing and introduce them, then make subsequent interactions between them consistent.

    • She doesn't want to meet him.and we have tried twice both he and I and she avoided us both. And I have and I get criticism from her. We both agree that she needs to meet him but...yeah...

    • Tell her it is important to you to have two of the people that you really care about meet up and get to know one another.

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  • Date whoever you want. Bang whoever you want. F*ck your step mom. Move out as soon as possible. Questions?

  • How old is the guy?

    • We are both 18

    • And you're in GA : link . If he isn't a jailbird, doesn't abuse you in any way , doesn't use drugs, isn't alcoholic you have my benediction.

  • She's quite manipulative. Just get the guy you like.


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