How to get over being in a manipulative relationship?

So after three months of being single, I've gotten better each day but still struggling to let go. I liked him a lot, but the relationship got unhealthy towards the end, because whenever I came to him with a problem I had he would shift the blame back on me and call me names. He would lie to me about a lot of things he did, and after I talked to his friend about how my ex manipulates people into liking him then his "true nature" comes out, I only feel used and sad. He was my first boyfriend and first person I went farther than kissing with, and would always be the nicest to me when we were being physical. I would get upset with him a lot towards the end, because he always seemed so rude towards me. He then cut off the physical part a month before we broke up, and we barely hung out but he claimed when we were breaking up that it was all his fault and he still liked me a lot but wasn't emotionally mature enough for a relationship. Since then, he's still been texting me, and gets so angry whenever I talk to any guys. Now that its summer I don't have to see him even if he's in my friend group. What steps do I take to completely get over him, and realize that there's someone out there that's better for me?


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  • You found a guy with nearly eerypossible behavior/relationship flaw. Being manipulative is just one of them! Also dedeitful, self-centered, possessive, jealous, controlling..

    Good! Now you know exactly what to avoid in the future! Look at it that way.

    Any guy will be better than him; you have only better guys to look forward to!

    Make a list of all his flaws if it helps you to forget about him, and use it as a checklist for any new guy you find attractive. Make really sure the new guy doesn't have the same traits!


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  • hang out with your family and friend. and kiss another guy

  • The best way is to find a new guy immediately.


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