Why does this happen after a break up with your woman?

men why does this happen after a break up with your woman:

inquire about her?

if she had a life threatening health issue be concern like you care?

throw what happen in the relationship at her?

if she still have feelings for you make fun of her?

says you don't know your actions would of cause so much damage?

seems to go forward but still looking backward at what you left behind?

says that the relationship was a mess created by her yet when you broke up when asked by friends what happen keep a tight lip when he had the opportunity to talk his side?

still want your ex to do stuff for you?

want your ex to accept your new relationship and be best friend?

If you owe her money and you are broke, she now struggling want her to wait until (even if it take forever for her to get her money) you can afford to pay her back, while you gallivant and have fun with your gf.


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  • You know, this just pisses me off.

    I've never ever treated a woman like what you are describing, but I see girls with complete asshats every day that treat them terribly and they just swoon over them. The bigger of prickhead he is, the more attention they focus on him.

    I don't know where you are meeting guys at, but I'd suggest you quit hanging out there. If you are meeting guys in bars, time to switch to coffee.


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