When do a guy starts missing a girl?

Say it was an ex date, ex girlfriend, someone he knows, etc.

When does he starts thinking about her? When would he contact her (days, months, etc)? Why? I guess I want to know when a guy contact me again, it is because (he wants sex)? He wants to talk?

I am frustrated because we were casually dating and then he disappeared right after sex. He contacted me about a month after explaining that he was busy with his internship and he is about to get a job. I said that was wonderful but I am focusing my career and don't have time either. (My age on here is not correct).

Anyways, it was suppose to be casual and I expressed emotion which I realized that it is impossible to like him because he didn't treat his ex kindly (he ignored her and she is abusive). I am not like her but I guess he didn't think I was good enough for him. Any advice?


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  • "we were casually dating and then he disappeared right after sex."


    #Booty call.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you were wondering about him, why didn't you call him yourself then? Also, if it impossible to like him, why do you even care?

    I guess my advice is stop waiting for him to make a move and do something about the situation yourself!


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