How to get myself to end the relationship?

My boyfriend and I are both 25 and have been together for 3 years. We live together in a house that he own. For about a year now I have been feeling really unhappy in the relationship. I want to break up and move back with my parents. I just know that he is not the right person for me now. He never wants to do anything with me anymore and he never compromises. It really hit me a month ago when I got sick for a few days and he couldn't even bring me home something I needed. As much as I know he is wrong for me I can't brig myself to end it. I love him and its comfortable and its hard to leave knowing I will need to start dating again. It will feel strange. I also don't want the drama of a break up. How do I leave in a kind way? How do I get myself to actually go through with it? Should I pack my things before I talk to him?


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  • Gather support of your friends. They will definitely help with the "drama" of a breakup. The only way to convince yourself to breakup with someone is the believe that being in the relationship doesn't benefit you.

    Think of all the negative things: you have been UNHAPPY for a freaking year!, he is not the right person for you and he doesn't care about you or your opinion. I'm sure there are other things that you did not mention.

    Please don't settle for someone that you don't want to be with. You can be comfortable in another relationship.

    Then think of the positive things: Getting to meet and date new people will be fun. You can enjoy your independence.

    Just sit him down and tell him what you said on here. If you want to be nice make sure not to name call or finger point. Express your unhappiness. Maybe after having talked about it he'll somehow see the light and you guys can work on changing things but you really should just move on because there's much more waiting out there for you :)


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