Do I have the right to be mad?

Me and my boyfriend want to get married, start a family, get a place together. We've been together over a year. We were also on again off again, but the breakups never lasted more than two days and we contacted each other more when we fought. We're basically inseperable. During this last break up he started hanging around old buddies from high school he hasn't seen in years. We got back together for a week after a month of being apart, but that didn't work out and my boyfriend was afraid and broke up with me. We both thought it was the end for good this time. After a few weeks NC he drunk texts me, being an ass; apparantly his buddies made sh*t up about me and my boyfriend believed them at the time but later found out the truth. After that I went back to NC. During the NC I still would visit his grandma who considers me family still and I asked her if it would be OK to put flowers on her dauthers grave (boyfriends mom) for the 2yr anniversary and she said yes. A few weeks after the drunk text episode my boyfriend then contacts me desperatly trying to get my attention, and wanting me back. After everything I wasn't having it; but I didn't ignore him because I made a promise to him along time ago that I'd always be there for him during the anniversary's or his moms passing no matter what; he contacted me on a Wednesday night and his moms anniversary was the next day. So I find out he has no way to see his mom that day so he asked me for a ride, I didn't know his dad borrow his car for work. I doubted it fig he was lying bout the car because he said he wanted to see me that day and I said no. But when he said he'd walk there which takes 35min drive time I drove out and got him and yea he was walking. When he saw me he was in disbelief and looked like he was going to cry. We wound up working things out and got back together we were doing good but then I found out his buddy was trying to play match maker with his sister and my boyfriend thought bout dating his friends sister not even a month after we broke up, he even took her down to his grandmas to visit and they wound up staying the night. During the visit the grandparents found out she was a messed up druggie and were wondering wtf? She even got high at their house. Grandma told them separate rooms (her rules) my boyfriend was more than OK with that. He said he didn't want her anywhere near him. He said he passed out and came into the room and climbed in bed, swearing up and down nothing happened at all. My boyfriends other friend (best friend) don't like this girl at all he knows she's nasty and got in my boyfriends face asking if he's trying to date her, and about everything else. My boyfriend said no and his friend thought he was lying and got in his boyfriend got defensive and said, "If you think I'm lying then go ahead beat my ass". They didn't speak for weeks.
The girl is also related to the guy who made up sh*t about me.

Do I have the right to be mad knowing my boyfriend believed his friend lies about me and then during our break up thought about dating another girl not even a month after we broke up?


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  • No.


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  • This a little too much drama. No you don't have the right to mad because you weren't together.


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