Can someone help give me a little perspective here?

So I dated this guy for just over 2 years. I loved him, and wanted to marry this guy, but I felt very alone in the relationship. He was physically everything I wanted in a guy. But emotionally there was just nothing.

I loved him, but he was very emotionally distant. He never said I love you, or ever really put any emotional work into the relationship.

I was always the one fighting to be in his life. If I didn't call and make plans, we would have never seen each other.

I am with someone new now, and this guy is better. He's much more affectionate and we have great communication.

But for some reason I just can't seem to shake my ex. I keep thinking about him for some reason all of a sudden. After the break-up with my first guy I was fine. I felt empowered and free, as well as relieved.

I felt so alone when I was with my ex. But why am I now feeling like I made a mistake?

My ex was moving across the country, and he never really talked to me about it. Then when he told me he was leaving in 2 weeks, I asked him what happens if he decides to stay down there? Then he said he didn't know. I asked him if he wanted me to come with him, and he said no. Even though I could have easily found work down there.


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  • When you dated this guy that you miss. Where you guys young? I ask because this sounded like me when I was younger, and I didn't know how to channel my emotions to show my first true love that I loved her. And well unfortunately she left cause of that...

    I didn't mean to do this to her.. But unfortunately we where young.. I didn't mean to do this, but what can I say, we were young.

    Anyways, years down the road now, I know where I went wrong, and I'm pretty sure she knows where she went wrong.

    Why don't you try reaching out to him. I guarantee you he has changed now. I'm pretty sure he knows how to show and put effort into his relationships now. I do that's for sure. ( not that she taught me a lesson or anything) But I know now what to do and what not to do.

    Give it a shot, what do you have to lose. And if your thinking of your ex, clearly this guy your with doesn't forfill everything your looking for.

    • No I met him when I was 22, I'm 24 now. We just broke up in February. Thanks for your help! You are right, this guy I am with is not fulfilling all my needs. He is nice, but he's not making me feel secure. He makes me feel bad because he won't tell his friends I am his girlfriend. I'm just some girl he hangs out with. Which is really a big blow to me since I am a great person.

    • well I guess you know what you have to do.

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  • It seems that his work is something important and he just not want your presence to obstruct it.

  • It seems that you really have deep feelings for him.


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