He says we need to slow down and take a step back

me and this guy have been dating for one month...he took me to a lot of places, bought me things that I didn't ask for, very nice, even though he is busy, we would always meet up for 15 minute make out sessions, this guy is perfect...we messaged each other non-stop throughout the day on Facebook...he has a barbeque at his house, invites his family over, parents, kids etc, everything went good, they all liked me and gave their approval...he has two divorces under his belt, he filed divorce papers a couple of weeks ago on the second wife where the marriage lasted only 2 months...what should I think of this? help, I'm really heart-broken

mattyice, what is, answer my newest one please?
his new response to this is: there are things that you and I will always collide on...he wasn't specific about what these things were, he still hasn't answered me


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  • If he's only filed for divorce a couple of weeks ago I'm very surprised he's already ready to date anyone. I assume that's his problem really: he likes you but somehow feels he isn't quite ready and/or that he doesn't want to rush into anything.

    I think that slowing down things is generally a good thing, regardless of the situation, but in his case it is a very good idea. In my experience, all the "relationships" of mine that started out with a "wham" and were really intense ended with an intense "wham" after a rather short time as well. I don't think you should freak out, I mean he didn't say he wants to end things completely, he just wants to slow down a bit.


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  • Plain and simple he doesn't want to get too attached to be hurt again. Answer my newest one please


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