What should I do to let go of someone I loved so much

I just recently broke up with a guy that was my best friend for a while and then we had a serious relationship going on . I met all his family and they loved me . But he has a ex girlfriend that is making our lives impossible and he said he was done but I just found out tjat a week after we broke up he got back with her and it hurts too much what should I do? I think of him constantly and I just want to fogey him because he's being ridiculous and immature . What should I do


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  • The classic Flip-Flop. Obviously you guy friend hasn't learned how to control his testosterone yet (which I will admit, at my age it is pretty friggin difficult).

    What I always find useful after a rejection or betraying friend is to find a new love interest. IF someone doesn't work out, find someone else to preoccupy your time, whether you want to date them or just think they are eye-candy.

    • Well thanks for your answer but I honestly don't believe in useing others to forget someone because I would be playing with their feelings that's why I don't think of that solution . But what I want is to move on but yet I'm so stuck on him

    • You don't have to play with their feelings, or even talk to them. Just find some other guy to keep your interest. It could be a new guy you met at the mall or some model on instagram that post photos of his ripped as hell abs.

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  • Hang out with your friends or family keep yourself occupied. Since he jumped back to other girlfriend, he's needy can't stand on two feet.

    • I do but he always pops into my mind yesterday I called my friend (girl) his name ! It's that bad

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