My boyfriends ex girlfriends all have a very different personality from me? He also talks about them badly

I met 3 of his exes over the past few months and I noticed they're all very upbeat, the centre of attention and are/were party animals. And I'm kinda the opposite, I'm not super shy but I certainley wouldn't stand out in a crowd and I hate partying (exept for footballs games). Those girls also seem like they have a lot of expierence in the bedroom and I was a virgin before him.

Idk, I'm probably worrying about nothing, but it strikes me as odd that he has a type and I'm not in it. Is it something to talk to him about ?

He also talks about them very badly. He never says anything about the relationship but he makes it obvious he thinks they're terrible people, often calling them whore or slut. It bothers me. Am I the only one that shows poor manors and a lack of chatacter?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He probably figured out he went out with the wrong kind of girls in the past. You probably have that "girl next door" persona that he appreciates more. Not really sure why he's gotta be hating on his exes though, but I'd imagine they burned him real bad by cheating or something.


What Girls Said 1

  • its good for you. it didn't work with his exs for a reason. they probably were whores. not girlfriend material. your man smartened up and found a real girlfriend, this is definitely a good thing that you're different than his past partners. wish you the best


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