Do/Did you play checkers correctly?

Okay, so I'm pretty sure we all know the game "checkers"

now, the correct way to play is, if you can jump, you are forced to. This is to prevent someone from not moving the bottom row, getting a king, and moving back and forth till the other player can't move. But, a lot of people don't even know this rule, and some refuse to play that way/think it's a stupid rule.

Personally, I played with the rule after I had learned about it


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  • No I never played that way because I didn't know about that rule. But when I was played it on a computer it was that way and I thought that's just the way it was on the computer... blond moment.

    I'll play it correctly for the rest of my life hahaha(:

    • that's EXACTLY how I found out about it too! I think it was on MSN messenger checkers way back in the day when I was in like 6th grade. I thought I was so pro at checkers because I was able to not move my first row by sacrificing my other pieces to make theirs get further on the board. I thought it was stupid till I got older and made sense of the rule

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  • That's how I was taught, though I haven't played checkers for years and years. More of a chess guy myself.

  • I just play them by the first rules I've played with.


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