Do I pursue her or let her go?

i know that most people will say move on and let go.

this girl I was seeing pretty much told me lets be friends.

it has been 2 weeks and she hasn't contacted me.

im sure she won't contact me on her own.

Basically in these situations do you go and pursue someone and keep at it until something happens or...

do you give up, move on and regret it for the rest of your life?


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  • Hey,

    like you said, most people will tell you to move on. I ain't one of em=] It depends on if you think she's worth it. If you really don't wanna give up on her then do what you can to win her heart. a girl likes that, believe me. I never thought any good came out of giving up, unless you get forced to.

    i say go for it and I wish you the best of luck if you decide to do so=]

    • i will go for it, at least to chat with her and see it

      is she worth it? id like to think so,but I hold back on those feelings..for reasons like isaid I if she looked like she was coming around..then yeah she is worht it.

    • nice=] best of luck

      and iv heard this one... many guys don't want to believe that a girl isn't worth it, and its totally understandable. but like you said, if she comes around then that's awesome, if not, she's only pushing you away. lets b positive tho and say itll go really well!:)

    • oh thanks:)

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  • Continue to be her friend. I think if she see how generous you really are, she will come around. If she doesn't come around then try to move on. It hurts at first but there maybe someone even better coming. Never know what the future holds.


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  • I don't know man I say you can pursue...just don't get tunnel vision, and don't let her string you along just for the attention. By tunnel vision I mean you are so focused on winning an unattainable heart you miss other opportunities. Make sure she's not playing you...some girls do that.

    • If you really want her...start dating/talking to other girls works more often than not. I had a girl who told me I was like her brother. Then I started messing around with this other girl, she got jealous my attention went some where else.

    • i agree with you on that. no tunnel vision and at the same time I am dating around.

      also..not that I'm fixiated on her but I'm not looking to be with anyone right now.

      if she cam along back..great...if not then that is it for me

  • Pursue her.


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