Does my ex still have feelings for me?

He was a big flirt when we use to be together which was like 4 years ago and I broke up with him. He has tried to get back with me a couple of times during these 4 years and once I said OK but he started acting like he didn't want to so after that I always tell him no and when I would tell him to leave me a lone he would look for me.

He tends to always tell me "you know you love me" or "you miss me" sometimes even flat out asking if we could work out. After I started talking to this guy my ex ended up getting with this girl and texted me "I met a girl and she makes me happier than anyone else" I ignored him and when they broke up he wanted me back and I figured alright then since that guy and me didn't work but when I tried he got me confused again so I said forget it and he ends up messaging me out of nowhere. He joined the air force and I thought he would leave me a lone being busy and with new friends but he still tries to talk to make conversation.

What I also don't get it is he won't last long talking to me but he is the one who sends me the messages first every once in awhile.


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  • He clearlyhas genuine feelings for you,but since you've rejecrted him a number of times, he is hesiatnt to make any prolonged contact, unless you respond warmly to his messages.

    And I gather you don't respond warmly.. And I don't know what mou mean by his making you 'confused', but to him, you are also confusing. You have been hot and cold with him farily often.

    From his point of view, he hopes you will make a determined effort to be a couple, at some point in the future. I doubt he would spend the effort tocontact you from the air force if he just wanted to play or lead you on.

    • I only gave him a chance once but he acted like he didn't even want to work it out so I tell him no and I never tell him I miss him or love him. The second from the last time we talked I said I missed him yea when he asked but he started playing around with what I said and I felt dumb so I told him I was joking. I feel like he doesn't take me serious. I try to make the conversations last but he don't put effort to talk much

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    • I decided to not bother since I couldn't trust him. I'm Anna

    • Nice to meet you Anna! message me so I can know your Gag name!

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  • Yes, he is leading you on.

    • Clang: The keen insight of Aercz strikes again! A long narrative o prolonged contact for years, and our hero says he's leading her reasoning, no justification, naturally. Just 3 points.

      This kind of thing makes the site look irrelevant.

  • No, he doesn't


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  • He doesn't have feelings he wants you to think he does but He's just trying to make jealous


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