After a year later my ex boyfriend still got me going NUTS!!!!

I have been with my exboyfriend for 3 years at first things were perfect we were planning to get married Duringthat time he got depressed dropped out of school and couldn't find a job and he started drinking with friends & the relationship I felt he was slipping away meanwhile he was telling me it wasn't me he needed to get his life sorted out which I gave him his space when he move out with friends I was missing him terribbly Seeing him less text & phone calls slowed down as well. I was having problems with my daughter & her father came over to talked about things. Me and my daughter's father was not together eventhrough he wanted me back. The ex showed up I explained to him what was going on but he didn't want to listen he believe we was together & that I hurt him cause he was coming back to me. It made matters worst that my daughter's father said his 2 cents giving the impression we was more than just parents. My exboyfriend storm off and we didn't have contact for over a year. Meanwhile for my daughter's sake me & her father try to make amends she was going through trouble teen stage & 2 parents was needed my daughters father knew my heart still stood with my ex. he left my ex call a month ago & we saw each other last week we decided to take things slow he now realize things wasn't what he thought and I was not in love with daughters father and I was missing him that whole time he assumed I was happy with him and I wasn't. I know I am the one that suggested to take things slow but he is really slow where I don't know actual what he wants from me he says he still loves me and he still had the key to my house he told me he knew one day he would be using it agin just want to hear didn't prospectives to get my mind clear it's driving me nuts

I would love to be married to him and he be my forever ours


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  • Dear Princess:

    There is what you want, and then there is what you should have.

    I'm not recommending that you go back to your daughter's father - trust me, I know how miserable some ex's can be, but I don't think this guy is what you should be trying for either. He's lazy - there are always jobs that can be had, even if you're not making what you think you're worth, you should be working anyway. He's a drunk, and he's abandoned you at a time when you really needed him. I mean he must have some quality that you're not describing but it would have to be spectacular for you to put up with the rest of his crap.

    Ask yourself this one question: if your daughter was considering dating someone just like this guy, what would you tell her? Do the right thing.


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