I had a deep conversation with my ex and...?

Hello guys, I had a deep conversation with my ex and he was dying to know what's wrong with me but I didn't told him because he is the reason, and he is in a relationship and I have to appreciate his girlfriend! I'm afraid to ruin their relationship and he told me don't be afraid and feel free to talk with me and I'd be a good listener and you're not gonna lose anything when you talk but you may gai and that's why its worth a shot and that's whh I want you to talk. I told him I can't tell you you he said 'And why is what you wanna say gonna affect my relationship?' I told him you can't help me and he said try me try me.. I just don't know what to do pkease help me tell me if I'm allowed to talk to him or keep hiding my feelings.


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  • You did the right thing by not telling him! trust me! he is only stringing you along you should cut all contact with him. he is already in a relationship and by talking to you and trying to get feelings out of you this way he is being disrespectful to his current partner. If he is doing that to her he would probably do it with every other girl he is with.

    I used to be in a similar situation with a girl who had a boyfriend, I told her exactly how I felt about her after she begged and pleaded with me to tell her. It was the stupidest mistake I have ever made!


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  • Don't get back if that's what you're thinking.


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