So I sent ex girlfriend an email the other day not sure it was a good idea or not

basically I had seen her twice on the weekend at local bars and by Monday was really annoyed about things so wrote her an email saying I was annoyed about things and that I was cool with her having a new boyfriend and just wanted everyone to have a good summer . I don't know if it was a good idea or not ,

I never heard back and don't really regret what I said as I'm genuinely ready to move on and OK with her having a new boyfriend as I'd rather see new people , basically at the bar she keeps doing things to annoy me or try and get me jealous about this new guy , she's also annoyed that I'm attracted to her best friend who is single


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  • I wouldn't talk to her at all she might be just trying to hurt you. I just had a experience like that my ex with another girl after 5 weeks of no contact he came up to me several times talking blah blah blah then he made out with her in front of me and kept starring at me after and smiling. When I called about it a week later he just used it as an opportunity to tell me how much he liked her how great she was and he has feelings for her and is getting ready to commit after a couple weeks of dating. Don't subject yourself to even hearing about her boyfriend or anything it isn't worth your time.

    • yeah I don't image I will be talking to her much , she wouldn't really say much to me anyways . I don't think she is worth the trouble at this point especially when considerign the fact she's seeing someone else so obvivouly doesn't want much to do with me

    • ignore her please everyone told me to ignore my ex and I did as much as possible when I did see him it was an opportunity for him to inflict more pain. ignore her and do you best to move on if she contacts you then maybe but be cautious cause in my case it was to be mean. Not saying everyone is like that but you need to protect your feelings

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  • yeah just don't talk to her, she's not worth it now is she?


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  • Not a good idea.


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