So was I just there to pass the time?

We had a month where we saw each other every day due to work/class. During that month, we came close-ish, always teasing each other, flirting a bit. I started physically flirting with her like tickling and she was receptive to it (though only did it back once). She would say things like she hoped we'd end up in the same place in the future, etc. Eventually she kind of led the conversation to me asking her to hang out on our off day.

So we hung out. It was a bit awkward, but it was an okay time. I was trying to read her signals and figure her out and then at the end, she was in my car and kind of stayed there while we talked about a couple of people sitting on a bench and making fun of them. I thought she might've wanted me to make a move, but there was something holding me back, other than I wasn't feeling the vibe.

She had a boyfriend.

So I didn't do anything. Then she offered her hand to shake to me and I shook it and it sucked.

Then there were only three more days together after that. In the beginning, I continued to be playful, tickling her, etc., but then she started telling me how she thought one of our supervisors was attractive and delicious looking and she wouldn't be able to control herself around him. So after that, I stopped initiating conversation/playfullness. She attempted a few times to re-initiate that, but eventually gave up.

The last day came without either one of us saying bye and I haven't heard from her since.

Yet I keep thinking about her and it's making me depressed. I feel like I should've done something when she was in my car, I can't help but feel that I had a shot with her despite her boyfriend. And it sucks even more now that I haven't heard from her at all.


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  • i don't really know what you are really asking here...but if you are saying you want to be in a relationship with her...i wouldn't take her seriously.

    2 red flags: she has a boyfriend and she said she likes the supervisor and can't control herself around him, and she has you. she sounds like a player she's going for whatever guy she can get. why would you wanna be with a chick like that?

    • I'm basically asking if she just used me to pass the time. It doesn't seem like she misses the times we had together at all.

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  • Yes, bore time.


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