My ex talks to me everyday

My ex and I broke up 5 months ago due to his ex wanting him back. (He and I had only been together for about 8 weeks when this happened.)

He didn't talk to me at all for the first few months. I had to once contact him regarding some stuff of his that I had and all he would give was one word responses. He was kind of cold and distant. (understandable)

A couple weeks ago he randomly emailed me a joke that he knew I would find funny. I just responded with "Thanks for the laugh. I hope you're well." Then a few days later he emailed me again and was asking me general questions about how I'm doing (Work, fam, friends etc.) And at this point we now text/IM and email all day almost every day. He has expressed how badly he feels about ending things with me and that he misses me. He's apologized several times. He's very flirty sometimes. Also, he admitted that he checks my social media accounts a few times a week.

He's still with the (former ex) girl he left me for. He doesn't ever mention her at all. It just seems odd. Is he maybe regretting his choice? Confusing!
Ok...I didn't say that I want him back. That's not what I was concerned about. Just confused by his actions. I think he regrets what he did and wants me to ask him to come back. (Which I won't do.) It's just weird to me and I think it's kind of funny.

I'll just talk to him for now. The day will come when I meet someone else and then he can regret his decision even more.
Oh and he didn't cheat. The ex asked him to come back. Honestly if I had 4 years with someone versus a couple months with someone else I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing. That's a lot of history to throw away.
Thanks for the responses. :)

When he told me that he was leaving me for her I told him exes are exes for a reason. (especially in this case since they've broken up before.) Judging by his constant contact with me he has probably realized he should have left her as an ex stayed with me.

I think I'll go and find myself someone a little more grown up. :)


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  • He left you for another girl... well I would say never trust that guy again...Once a cheater ,always a cheater

    Many girls somehow believe that if they put up with a guy's bad behavior long enough, that he will eventually see how much she loves him, and will love and respect her equally in return. Unfortunately, this is a totally misguided notion.

    Most guys want a fun, self-confident girl, who respects herself, and who doesn't need him to have a good time. Once a guy knows you can't live without him, and will put up with any selfish or bad behavior he dishes out, your chances of keeping him challenged and interested in you goes right out the window.

    Not only should you respect other people, but you should demand the same degree of respect for yourself. You should never put up with any kind disrespect from anyone, especially a person you are in a relationship with. You will have a much better chance of keeping a guy interested in you if you stand up yourself, than if you allow him to walk all over you.

    Just remember that there are 4 billion guys on the planet. If the guy you are with starts displaying negative, or disrespective behavior towards you, be willing to walk away. If you do, it's very possible he will chase after you with new found respect. A respect he will never have for you if you can't respect yourself enough to leave.

    hope this helped :)

    good luck bud..!


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  • Ummm... I think you're missing a picture here.

    He's with a former ex and he's starting to hit on his current ex (you). If you take him back, do you want to guess who he'll be emailing and text/IM'ing in a few weeks. Or, maybe he'll take a few months off from both of you to add a third girl to his stable of ex's.

    Enjoy him if you can, while you can, because he's made of rubber and he'll be bouncing away again soon.

    • Thanks for the updates but I still think he's a rubber ball - you can enjoy playing with him but be careful he doesn't bounce up at the wrong time.

  • I love how you handled everything, this guy leaving you and messaging you again. I wish I could have that cool of a head and be understanding of the whole situation when someone breaks up with me. Afterwards I'd get it but in the moment I'd flip s**t.

  • I believe he is trying to tell you that he wishes he didn't leave you for his ex but doesn't want to break it off with his ex because he does not want to hurt her.

  • He's quite friendly.


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  • try this website and make a wish to your exback, I know it sounds weird but it brought back mine and now we're engaged. I can't post links but the name of the site is real-wishes. been scrolling and decide to copy paste and share with those who really need it. read the testimonials first if you are skeptic and it's 100% free.


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