Can I stay friends with my ex?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago. We had a great relationship (which lasted almost 6 months) and even the breakup went better than I expected. We both seem to think that, after the cooling off period, we can still be good friends.

To give a little more detail: Before my ex met me he always thought he'd be a bachelor for life, just having casual flings with a series of girls. When he met me, though, he said he truly believed he wanted a lasting relationship and even talked about marrying me sometimes.

Then his relatives started talking about their marriage and families and he realized that he might not want a long term relationship after all. He told me that he still wanted to be together, but that he saw the relationship ending in the future. So he gave me the choice to breakup now or to stay together. I chose to breakup now because we both know that it'll be much harder if we breakup after being together for much longer. Neither of us wanted to breakup but I still think it was the right decision to end it.

He also said that the reason he got together with me in the first place was just because I told him about my one instance of sexual abuse (from a previous relationship). He said he thought if he was with me he could prevent that from happening.

We ended on great terms, even though both of us were really sad to see it end.

Even now I've started to get over him, and I feel no anger or regret for having been with him. If I could do it all over again, even knowing how it would end, I'd still do it. I'm thankful for having experienced the relationship with him.

I truly believe that we can start being friends again in the future, and he wants this too. Do you think it's possible?


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  • Yes it is possible IF you give it some time first you need to be completly over each other and not end up going outside of the friend zone ;).


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  • Yes you can, but don't go back into a relationship with him.


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