Am I holding him back or am I just thinking too much?

I'm 17 and he's 16.

We started dating for a little over month now, and it was him I guess working it up to tell me.

Well recently his mom I guess didn't want us getting too close or something, and kept cutting our time short. He found out he had to leave for two months in the summer and well he started spending most of his time with me before he had to go.

Our last day together he brought to these pretty places, acted super sweet, was really romantic and he acted upset that he had to leave. He told he wished we'd started dating sooner, and I assumed he was worried I'd get bored and dump him. I miss him but I won't do that.

I said we'd keep in contact and stuff. He told me he loved etc. and Vice versa.

I was just thinking though, we're each others firsts. Do you think I'm holding him back or he was scared I'd leave him or something? I don't know I'm just worried a little I guess.


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  • Thinking too much.


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