So, I confronted the girl I'm interested in about the other guy...

Well, to be fair, she brought it up herself. Long story short, I found a picture of her and her ex on fb and since his profile pic was of them two together, I decided to click on it and then I saw that his cover photo was something she made for him on his birthday. The photo of them together (his profile pic) was taken on May 3rd.

I decided that I wasn't going to confront her about it because if she wasn't going to tell me this on her own, then forget it.

When we hung out last night ( we made plans before all this). We talked about our exe's a little bit and when she brung up her exes, she was really quiet at first about the last one and then she said that "we are broken up but he is persistent, he thinks we are still together". He keeps trying to get back with her even though she doesn't want to and that he cried several times for her. She says she feels bad for him. I asked if she still messes around with him or go on dates and she says "oh no way". She says she felt bad about being with me and she tried holding back because she felt it was unfair for me that she was talking to me while her ex is talking to her and not completely finished. Finally, I ask how would this ex situation play out then? She replies "Just give it some time, he will understand, That what is happening now is over for me but not for him."

So how should I proceed about this? Should I still hang out/talk/text this girl or should I just hold back until all this is sorted out? I really like this girl and she really likes me but I'm not lookin to hurt anybody.


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  • Hold back.


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