If anyone sees this may you respond? I really need your 0pinion!

Me and my ex was together over 5 years. He is now in some sort of relationship where a young 18 year old stays with him. She haven't been long heard of me. She also recently got caught being with his friend. She refer to my ex boyfriend as a boy toy. On Facebook their in a relationship but she has it hidden completely on her page. When I call or text him she doesn't say anything. It don't matter if she take his phone and see have I been texting, she still don't care. when he gets mad at me he have her to answer. She don't call me bitches or hoes nor any other name. She only act mad but any other female I know will be ready to fight a girl that's messing with her man. She only texted me once out of this whole time. She don't call or text me like she trying to fight. It's like she don't put up effort at all. I really don't understand how she cheated and she live with him. Any other girl will say something to leave her man alone but she don't. Me and my ex boyfriend still speak but she also know I still love him because of what I text him. She is a dramatic girl but also wild...it's like she don't care but she is a drama queen...me and my ex also talking about working out things.


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  • She has a lot of insecurities.


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  • So, basically, you continuously contact your ex, and when he doesn't want to talk to you, he puts her on the phone to deal with you? And you think she doesn't like him much because she doesn't scream and yell at you?

    It just seems like she's secure in their relationship. She isn't possessive or protective. Some women are completely comfortable with their bfs talking to their exes because they aren't threatened.

    If she cheated and he forgave her, then that's their business.

    I think you need to get over him. He's in a relationship and he obviously doesn't want to rekindle things with you. It's harsh, but it's true. Good luck, and I hope you find happiness elsewhere.

    • What are you talking about? You missed the whole freaking thing by bad aim lmao

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    • This is why I hate coming here because you people don't read nor help you assume sh*t that's not there and from your answer you didn't bother to f***ing read

    • Calm down people, I clearly misread your question because I found it difficult to understand your grammar/syntax. QA - I meant no disrespect, feel free to clarify what you DID mean and I'm happy to try help.

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