Signs an ex boyfriend isn't interested

Guys, what are some signs an ex boyfriend isn't interested in getting back together? He texts if we haven't spoken for a couple of weeks, and replies if I text him.

He's said he'd like to see me cos he misses me but made no effort min I think he's interested, then I think he's not!


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  • my ex is the same, so I started to ignore him.


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  • First off can you confirm who broke up with who? Secondly I'm trying to side with the guy on this one, if your still interested in salvaging this relationship why can't you initiate more and bring the subject up?

    • It was a mutual decision at first, then I realized it was a mistake to break up, tried for about a month to try again but he wouldn't..I've mentioned it a few times since and he never answers the question..! Think I answered my own question lol!

    • I kind of understand the mutual thing but someone must of initiated it? But by the sounds of it he's no longer interested, I may be wrong though but if I were you I would enjoy being single and see what's out there but only if you have healed and happy about your current situation, don't jump into another realtionship becuase your lonely.

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  • he is trying to weigh his options, to see if you are in the sidelines ,he may be seeing someone else and having you as a just in case,i wouldn't give him the time of day when he doesn't make any extra effort towards u.


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