Should I tell him I'm feeling insecure?

It a long story...

I'm 16 and I met this guy at work a couple of weeks ago, he's 21 and training to be a teacher and we get on amazingly!

We would call and text constantly, he asked me on a date but he was ill and couldn't make it, the next day we met up and went to a bar we had a laugh and ended up kissing and then I went back to his and you can guess what happened next...

Later that night I told him I had feeling for him and that I had fallen for him and he said he felt the same but was worries and felt terrible because of my age, we said we would love to be in a relationship together but it would be hard so we left it.

We arranged to meet up the next day but he cancelled to go out with his family which absolutely fine, but now he's not texting as much and we haven't seen each other for a couple of days and I'm starting to get insecure that now he's slept with me he doesn't want anything to do with me eventhough I asked him on the night after we slept together and he said he would never do anything like that.

Should I just tell him I'm feeling insecure, I want to be with him but I don't want to sound desperate.


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  • Honey stay away from guys that aren't at least close or near your age like at 16 below and 19 should be the age range for guys you should date not 21 year olds your to young and if he would of got you pregnant what would of happen then I'm not telling you who to date but first stay away from that guy second don't trust him he just only wanted one thing and got it at that age men willl say anything another thing find someone better make him jealous move on and learn from this mistake another thing never have sex with a guy off the bat guys do respect girls with boundaries and your doing them a favor by not having to be a father when they aren't ready to be one you can also dating guys older than you you half to know them for at least years or 5 months before doing something serious and they half to prove to you there not out for the wrong things by there actions and the way they treat you and honestly don't feel bad if anything that loser should feel bad hurting you feel better hun I'm always here if you need someone to talk or text :)


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  • Yes, you should tell him. Let him know of your situation.


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