Is she moving towards getting back together with me, or trying harder to keep me on hold?

Ill try and keep this short, my ex and I broke up two weeks ago. It was pretty mutual, but it was over something I considered small and expected we would get back together. The first couple calls the day and the day after the break up, she kept changing her mind if she wanted to be friends with me, be friends and see what happens or not talk. After I thought we settled on not talking, she called me back the next day. Over the next two weeks she called me daily, and the calls started becoming longer and more frequent (multiple times daily) and she would wait for me to get home if I was out when she called so she could call me back. However she removed me from her friends list on fb and hasn't re-added me since and she stopped texting me, if I sent a text, she would respond with a call (she always preferred calls when dating, but would send some texts too). Anyway after two weeks of this, I started get sick of it because we hadn't hung out since we broke up and I told her I thought she was putting me on hold and I didn't think I could do it. She got mad at me for bringing it up, telling me she already told me she isn't sure what she wants and is just focusing on her right now, but also added that she wouldn't call me if she didn't like me still. We hung up, and then almost 48 hours went by without contact, the longest we have gone since our first date. I figured we were done, and didn't want to end on an awkward phone call so I texted her "I think it is best if we keep not contacting each other. I can't be just friends with you, and if you aren't ready for a relationship I can't keep talking to you without getting the feelings for you back. You don't have to respond to this, I just wanted to let you know that I hope you find something that can make you happy, goodbye". This was last night and she called me an hour later and started talking like a normal conversation. She called me again a few hours later after that again like nothing was wrong. She called me this morning saying she was tired and going to get coffee, I said I was tired too and suggested we should meet for coffee and she said that she looked like crap and didn't have makeup on and then changed the topic, she said maybe we will do something later. She called me a few hours later saying she was back in her pajamas because she thought she was sick and asked if I wanted to Skype, which is something we never did before even when dating. I agreed, 15 minutes later she called back and said her internet was out and her brother was trying to fix it. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but whatever. Since then she has sent me some text messages (again, its the first time she has texted me in about a week).

Should I take what happened last night and today as a sign that she might be starting to decide to move towards getting back together with me, or is she trying harder to string me along for a while because she thinks I am about to move on? I would like to date her again, but not like this.


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  • I think she panicked when you said goodbye, and started contacting you a lot.

    But, as she said, she's not sure WHAT she wants right now, so she isn't going to commit to anything.

    Two weeks is a very short time. Let her work through her feelings a little longer before you tellher goodbye!


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  • I don't really think she knows what she wants from you. She's probably just trying to string you along because she really doesn't know. I'd keep myself open to anything, why would you want to get back with a girl who is treating you this way and is making you worry so much? Obviously if she's putting you through all of this she isn't committed to you 110%. I'd keep her on the back burner (like where she has you), if she finally figures out what she wants from you and you still want to be with her I'd say go for it. Just don't invest all this time into it (doesn't really seem like she's doing this regarding you!), sounds like you can do a lot better than her!

    • I haven't talked to her in over a week, thanks for the answer though!

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  • Trying hard to keep you.


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