Why is my ex girlfriend contacting me after 3 years when she cheated on me and dumped me?

A few months ago my ex girlfriend of 3 years tried contacting me after no contact for 3 years. She sent me a message to an old email address I don't check anymore. I've just barely read it a few days ago. We ended on bad terms, she emotionally cheated on me and dumped me just so she could have intercourse with with one her friends. She sent me an email in March writing the following:

Hey...It' xxxxxxxx...I had the sudden urge to talk to you. Out of nowhere.

So, hope to hear from you.

I hope you're well.





My question is what does she want from me? She even sent me links to some of her social sites. After 3 years she's still writing on her blogs about how horrible our relationship was. She claims I was emotionally abusive, which is far from true as she was very immature and had a serious attitude problem. She had also struggled with narcotics and depression before we started dating. When we were financially struggling I always fed her before myself. I stuck by her side when I found out she was promiscuous while she had surgery and was in the hospital etc. I was curious and did read some of her blogs. It seems she blames most of her issues on me and life hasn't treated her well ever since she left. If I treated her so bad then why would she contact me after 3 years? I'ved moved on ever since but this set me back some and is starting to mess with my head.


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  • Because that whole ''It's all you fault thing.'' it makes he feel better about being a bitch. You're a really good person to have stuck with her after finding out she was cheating, if I were you, I would just ignore her emails and whatever else, as she will only bring you down. ''Toodles.'' wtf... that sounds really bitchy, it sounds like something you would say to a child, and just makes the whole conversation to chill and casual, instead of her really caring about you and wanting to talk to you.


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  • she needs to grow up and take blame for her part.I would stay far away,she sounds messed up.


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  • Stay the F*** away!. She sounds absolutely TOXIC. If you care about yourself at all you will delete that email and never look back. Some people just love being victims and she's making you the bad guy, If I were you I would treat her like poison!.

  • She's just messed up.


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