Anyone who has broken up take a second and read both male and female

So id like to share something maybe help a few people stuck in a rut. here's my story. So I broke up with who I thought was "the 1" I went throught the 'desperate' phase, why? I love you. Il never get on in life without you. Il never find someone esle. Sound familur? Anyway I also went through the 'denial' stage.. he will be back. He won't get bwtter than me and he will see that etc. Then of course the dreaded details... I hear he's with someone else.. crash bang! I done what we arw 'supposed' to do I got rid of everything of his including gifts he gave me. Deleted his num blocked him on fb etc.. meant ro get easier right? Well I cried myself to sleep I had conversations with myself imagining it was him I was talking 2... in the end 2 weeks later I broke the 'no conract' we chatted bothing major. Iet into him for a chat and realized how he was just the same. Now... here's the interesting part. I went through most stages of a break up grief etc but came to realize how us humans are made ul of so many emotions but how the mind is a crazy thing. I broke up with my ex 3months ago and still I will say I do carw for him but I letyswlf go rhrough all the stages and to realize I needed one last face to face to actuallt see... we broke up for a reason and that reason was he's not my prince. Basically why I came on here to share this is somply because I read many break up stories but its nice to sometimes know somebody else went through this and got past it because believe me you do andthat goes for both male and female. The day will eventuallt come where you say... its done and I'm done. :?


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  • OK, not really a question, but I see where you are coming from. I have to say, I am so used to being dumped that it's not so much a big deal now, I sort of expect it. I enjoy the relationship wile it lasts :)

    • Yeah its not really a question more of a story ha ha I see so many people ask when will I get over it or I will never move on. And because I have been there like many its noce for someone to see OK so there is a light at the end of the tunnel :-) used to being dumped :O wow. I'm guessing maybe its simular reasons why you get dumped is it?

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    • Aww good because I do know people who have been dumped a few times and it was always the same issues one friend seemed to get dumped because she has male friends and relationships suffered because of it and a male friend of mine got dumped often for 2 reasons because he was popular but loyal but jealously took over but also his job caused a few to dump him because he was very busy. Suppose everyone is different and once you find someone with common ground things tend to work out.

    • Yes. I find that usually these days if I split with someone, it's more of a mutual thing - you know it's going nowhere so it's OK to part amicably, rather than be "dumped."

  • Yes, it's done.


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