Is he afraid of liking/loving me so when he feels like he is getting close he backs off?

Been talking since Feb talking mean text every now and then calls every now and then see each other every couple weeks...Calls when he is out or been drinking and says things like you know I'm not going to marry you right and says I don't know why I like you so much...And I'm thinking we haven't spent the night together so why are you thinking about marriage either way and then I'm like well gah you don't know why you like me really? He talks crap about me to other men if they are interested in me...I tell him I just want his time and he will just be like I'm not the guy for you then we will go a couple weeks without talking and he will call want to talk and invite me over of course I'm like who are and he is like I'm trying what else do you want me to do. He's always gone his job requires him to travel a lot. I'm just wondering if he is interested number one number I'm wondering is he bipolar and number three is he traumatized from child hood and scared to like me or get feelings for me. We have only had sex once and the was end of may so I really don't feel its about sex but I d k what it is ..I'm not trying to read too much into it but I just need to know what's going on.
During that same conversation when he sd he wasn't going to marry me I said we aren't even in a relationship and he says we aren't and said that's not how you acted when I was home. But he is the one who keeps telling me I'm intense then comes back or tells me to leave him alone I do then he comes back. I'm so confused.


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  • I like that you ask three questions we cannot possibly answer. My suggestion would be the leave him alone as a person because he's made it very clear he's not going to commit to you. At worst you will pick up a disease from our traveling salesman.

    • :0) lol. Thanks dear my problem too.

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    • Move on. It is not worth your energy to be around someone who refuses to commit and openly suffers from his own emotional turmoil. He is either onboard or he is not and it is clear that he wishes to not be.

    • As for his anxiety no one can say. It is his to know.

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  • All this seems too complicated and filled with drama. Move on, find a different guy. Your fascination with this guy will end up hurting you


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