How do I get him to miss me and come home

I had a friend I fell in love with. We ended up having sexual intercourse and making a baby together...I am currently pregnant...We started arguing a lot and I had a major attitude and very emotional which drove him to move out. He moved out a week ago. Since then I have helped him with food and paid for a hotel room for him for one night. I miss him but he says he don't miss me. It hurts bad and I really miss him and want him to come home. How do I get him to miss me and come back?


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  • You don't. But you should quit spending money on his worthless ass and put it toward your expected child. Your emotions didn't drive him out . . . he hung around as long as it was fun and now that things are getting serious he's going to bail. How long have you been supporting him? Is he jobless? Did he move into your house? Did he ever help pay for anything? I'm guessing that's a big fat NO if you have to feed him now and put him up in a hotel room. You've been played. He sounds like a real loser. This is why we shouldn't have sex with people unless we feel like they would make a good partner, parent, role model, etc. Because babies happen, whether we intend for them to happen or not. Unfortunate, yet another child will be raised without a father. What a disgrace.


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  • You can't. He has to decide to miss you and come back on his own. And the more you try to get him to miss you and come back, the further you will drive him away. Give him time and space. Give him a chance to miss you on his own. He may come back. He may not.


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  • Geez lady what are you doing have down self respect. Save that money to take care of your unborn child and yourself. An argument is no valid reason to leave a pregnant woman. That is disrespectful and the fact that he has you supporting him. Financially is worst. He doesn't want I be with you,you were a sexual experience that has some consequences. Chasing him and taking care of his needs will only drive him further away leave him alone, go on non contact and show him you are strong and independent and that you do not need his broke sorry ass. You didnot drive him away he chose to leave you. The more involved you stay the more pain and suffering you are going to bring to yourself and the baby emotionally


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