Told him I felt he wasn't interested anymore, he says I'm overreacting

told the guy I been seeing for 9 months, that I felt he wasn't interested anymore, nor did he want to hang out with me because we never go anywhere together. he says I'm overreacting. he says that we like each other, he is not looking to be in a relationship right now, he just got out of bad one. and how he has a lot of issues he is dealing with. but he says that he wants to be at my apartment more, but he doesn't want to wear out his welcome.

After our conversation on the phone, he wanted me to come over. I was being distant and silent. I usually come over and sit on the bed, but this time I sat in his recliner next to his bed. he sat on the bed and pulled the recliner back so he could see me and reached his hand out to me. I ask if I was in his spot and he said I don't know are you, so I got up and sat on the bed away from him. he kept looking at me like something was wrong, he kept finding ways for me to touch him, cuddle and lay next to him and I just wasn't with it.

My question is am I overreacting? I have known this guy for years and we were friends. Its hard not to show him I care and have feelings for him.


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  • "You're overreacting" = stop talking about this issue and drop it.

    You're clearly not getting what you need from the relationship. He knows he's not giving you what you need but using this tactic to keep you around without addressing the issue.

    • hmm ..makes sense because he never wants to talk about anything involving us. I don't understand, why call me babe and want me next to him if he isn't about giving me what I want. men ...

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