Tired of trying to get back with my ex

She dumped me, I got back from camp after two weeks.

I needed to settle at home.

I love her son.. And she just ripped him away from me as well.

So I decided to move.. The last weekend we spend together. slept together tons of times. Its too late, I'm moving to kelowna.. She goes to cali a week later and screws some other guy...

I knew this, I learnt about it and the slept with a girl...

I missed her too much. I missed Her son...

I had this family for 3 years.

I decided to move back... And we it took her a month to actually want to see me.. We kissed.. The next night slept with her..

We talked about us seeing other people. Got over that hump..

Now, I can't even see her son.. And I hardly ever see her.

I am treating her like a queen...

But she just doesn't want a relationship. She doesn't

want to see other people.. But she doesn't want a relationship.

I see her maybe once a week.. Maybe a hour or two...

She says she loves me... I can't see her son...

At all... I am getting tired of this...

I want more and she just.. doesn't... I don't get it..

I don't know what to do, I love her. and her son.

But I deserve a girl who appreciates the things I do.

Wright music for her, Surprise her with notes.

Took care of her cat and house for a week,

while she was on vacation.

Comes back, I can't even see her cause she won't let me see her son... And she doesn't want a relationship. She says one day at a time. But its driving me mad... And I can't love her and feel like this.. Its killing me... She just doesn't want a relationship...

I can't see her son... Sigh... Heart on my sleeve.

What do you think is going on with her...

When were together we cuddle.. kiss..

like were in a relationship... A guy asked me if we were dating. I had to say no,. Cause we arent... And that killed me cause now he's interested.. Not like he'd ever get her but still...

I just donno what to do.

So, I am asking this right before I head to her place after I Haven't seen her for 2 weeks.. We will cuddle. KIss...

ill love every moment.. Then its like we text for a few more weeks... Anyways, thank you for reading... And I hope you

can help me out... Cause we are usless when were in love...


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  • just be single and happy on your own.


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  • You stress her out too much. She needs time away, but you keep coming back. You need to be the strong one, and walk away. She can't be happy until all the stress leaves, and unfortunately, that stress is you.

  • Dude she had a son? Well, more money for you


What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with RositaV.

    I agree. She is already a single mom and wants the best for her child.

    If you really want to prove your love for her, you git to give her some space, stop pinkng over not seeing her and her son.

    I know it hurts but it is what it has to be.

    If you chase her and try to convince her when she thinks she made up her mind then you are going to make her mind solidly set and she will run away from you. Telling her a million times won't help. Letting go and vhanging for the better will open her eyes if she truly loves you too


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