He asks why I don't want to date other people

I broke off an 8 year relationship with my ex over four months ago; although it seems longer. We left on good terms: understanding we just aren't compatible. He also hurt me so much I barely think about him much anymore. I would never go back.

Now I am dating again. I found a beautiful, nice man who gives me butterflies in my stomach. We have a lot in common, and he fulfills things my ex couldn't muster to do.

He tells me we have a very deep connection that he's never had in a girlfriend; that no other girl has been so special and is very happy being with me. We have lots of sex and he cuddles me all night when I sleep over. He's even introduced me to some of his closest buddies.

But he asks me why I'm not interested in dating other people. I don't know if he is telling me to play the field or scared I will run off; that he's just a rebound or that my ex will come back into the picture. He has told me he was worried he was a rebound. He even gets a little jealous about my guy friends.

I like him so much though, and he says he does too. He's very attractive and we have so much in common and does nice things for me that my ex never did. The thing is, I'm just not interested in finding other people. I did for a while, with no positive results. I reassured him about how I felt, and that I want to stay with him. He's very special to me.

What is going on in his head? Is he scared about losing me or is he not really interested?


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  • I'm not really sure and it's hard to tell without knowing his personality. If I had to guess, based on the fact that he gets jealous about your guy friends I would say he was trying to get you to say you don't want any other guys, only him. It sounds like y'all have a good thing going though so this doesn't sound like something you should spend time worrying about.

  • He's just curious.


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