How to forget someone you don't want to forget?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up from 1.5 year relo. Its very complicated but basically we are not right for each other and lack compatibility. We have both put each other through a lot of pain the last few months and breaking up feels very relieving to be honest even though he is the one who initiated it. however there are parts of me that feel very love sick and heartbroken over it even though part of me wants this break up too. how can I move on when a part of me just can't forget him and still longs for him in some twisted way?


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  • do what you love more so you don't dwell. wake up early, get out of the house, exercise get out in the sun so that you will be tired by the time it gets dark, go to bed early. This is what works for me.. Just stay busy.

    • its true because night time is when I spent a lot of time talking on phone to him after work or I used to see him fri/ sat nights. so being awake at night is torturous. day time I was used to being without him so I don't break down until night

    • It is good you are breaking down feed into your emotions they help you to surpass the situation and become a stronger person

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  • Block off contacts.


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  • Just begin again, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win but you begin again even though your heart is breaking. Begin each day as if it is the beginning of your life for truly it is the beginning of what's left of your life

    • i think that's the hardest thing about it though is to begin again. because knowing that you have someone who just understands you so well and you have been through so much together. its liek for example hanging out with a friend who knows you so well is so much better than a new friend because there's just so much familiarity there. starting over sucks because you just feel like no one understands you like they did.

    • That is how you will feel initially. I was in your shoes 6 weeks ago , I felt the same way but look at me today I am stronger and better. My ex was even engaged and I did not know. Understand this you can't lose what you never had, you can't keep what's not yours and you can't hold unto someone who doesn't want to stay. Let go, the only way to forget is to accept it so give into your emotions but know that better days are yet to come, move on by looking ahead. Message me if ever

    • yea I know what you mean. I think its just about needing to conjure up that fire inside of you to want to move on and stay strong. however I feel like things were just left so unclear and messy and heated that I find it hard. if you have time if you can read my first question and tell me waht you think from it, it would really help =)

  • Get yourself busy :) The only way. I am trying to forget someone I don't want to forget as well :D So I do stuff, go out, be with friends, read, mountain biking, anything that helps to not think.

    And he writes me an email like "hey, hope you had a good day, xoxo" and I'm at the start of forgetting again. So no contact, being busy and time is your best friends now ;) (oh, and if you are drinking out, give your phone to your girlfriend, so no drunken text are send)

    • well mine is quite extreme. either sends heaps of lashing out abusive messages which he has stopped. and now I texted being like do you want to talk and he is ignoring me. its all a power game to him. I just seriously am over it as much as I still care its too painful being with him or even thinking about him now. I really need to clear my mind.

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    • im in australia lol its winter and raining and depressing

    • oh my... that's unfortunate. Then make a hot wine fest with your friends, a camp fire, go to a pub and other winter stuff :D Just keep your mind away from him.

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