Why did my boyfriend post a semi-nude photo of his ex on his myspace

when they were dating, but he didn't post any sexy pictures of me on-line. I e-mailed him sexy pictures of me and told him he could put them on his MySpace and he never did. But he showed my pictures to his friends. Does he thinks I'm as sexy as his ex?
Nope, nothing that happened to me makes me a prize but everything that happened to his ex make her a prize. How come getting posted on-line makes you a prize but not getting showed to others? How come nothing that happens to me makes me a prize but it does with his ex girlfriend?
Stop saying that he respects me and not his ex it not helping a bit, and it making me feel worst and even more jealous of her.
I don't find this situation remotely amusing, entertaining, humorous at all. And I don't find anything amusing and entertaining about his ex-girlfriend and I hope she doesn't think so either. And non of the answers either. This is so so sad. It's important to me that's I'm his hot and sexy girlfriend, and it's very hard to feel that way when he post pictures of his ex girlfriend and not me.


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  • Well, he's your boyfriend so I would assume he finds you sexy. Why worry if you're as sexy as his sex? He's not with her, he's with you. Not to mention it's a hell of a lot better he doesn't go publicly posting half naked pics of you, anyway.

    • yeah anyone can get posted on-line by their boyfriend even the ugliest fattest ladies in the world. Just because her picture got posted doesn't make her a prize.

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    • Your right I shouldn't be jealous of her, because she's not superior than me in any way, shape or form. He just wanted her for sex. Anyone can be seen as an sex object. Even the fattest ugliest women in the world. Plus his friends liked my pictures.

    • See? Don't worry about it. Oh and thanks for BA : )

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  • Maybe he grew out of "posting your girlfriend half nude on your wall". I mean, I think it's pretty childish and attention seeking. Especially if you are 25-29 and no longer a teen.

    • yeah and his ex is the attention seeker. She loves being treated like the whore. That why she wouldn't dump him after he posted that picture of her bare bottom. She haves no self-respect. And she was fat and ugly. I don't know he thought anyone would want to see that pudgy girl nude. I almost went blind and throw up when I saw that nude picture of her. I hope that btch kills herself. I would be much happier without her on this planet.

    • I don't find my situation humorous or amusing at all guys or any of these responses. And its important to me that I'm his hot and sexy girlfriend and have a sexy life with him.

    • Thanks for saying he used that women to get attention and look like a badass. I needed that. I don't find that attitude amusing, entertaining,cute or funny in any way, shape or form people. And nothing about his ex girlfriend. And I hope she doesn't either. That would of made me feel good.

  • You know what that means now.

  • Grow up

    • his ex too. Why didn't she dump him after he posted that p*rn of her? She the whore with no self-respect.

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    • Yeah, I am because I'm not like that. I want to be his hot and sexy girlfriend and have a sexy life with him. I'm the vixen type. I'm the type that want to be his sexy badass girlfriend. I'm not the kind of girl who want to be just their to bear his children and all that sit. No go suck a d###.

    • Well nobody said you didn't have to be something you're not. All I'm saying is to grow up and quit worrying about what he did or didn't post on some stupid website. You're ranting and raving on the internet about some kid sh*t. You're his girlfriend and he already finds you sexy, so why do you feel you need to be shown off to people?

      So yeah, that is why you're in need of some priorities when it comes to what you feel is important in life.

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  • You may be the first and (possibly) the ONLY girl,

    to be bummed that her boyfriend DIDN'T post sexy

    pictures of her on a social media site! Honey, the fact

    that he respects you enough not to post sexy pictures of you online

    should make you happy! Not upset or thinking he doesn't

    find you sexy, you just need to chill and stop over thinking

    this. Okay?

    • No, I want to be his hot and sexy girlfriend. And I don't want any of his friends admiring that naked picture of his ex. Thinks for saying his f***ing ex got treated like more of the prize than me. I needed that. And anyone can get posting on-line. One guy posted his overweight girlfriend on-line. And I'm of people thinking that btch had a hard life because her mother died. That btch lived a life of royalty. I had I hard life. My family is poor.

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    • Yes it is the kind of relationship I want. And yes I do want him to think of me as his hot and sexy girlfriend. It isn't so much I don't want him to respect me. It that I want to have a sexy life with him. It isn't about what considered the good thing to others its about being happy. And I'm happy being his sexy girlfriend and having a sexy life with him.

    • No he never even gets me anything for Valentine's day, he cheated on me once, always asking for money and for me to buy him stuff and when we're together all we do is have sex and hookup except for when we went to the store and to the mall where he works were he had me buy him stuff. Everyone on the internet is saying how lucky I am he respects me.

  • Isn't it 2013? I didn't know people still had MySpace?

  • He isn't over her run


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