Should I trust my bf?

My boyfriend used to be a player and a pick up artist.

He was my classmate at class at some mean girls started gossiping about me and he avoided me. But sooner it was due to group work that we had to spend time working on things and he got to know me better. After a while we got closer and got together.

It's been a while and he takes good careof me. There was once when we were fooling around and he said I don know why would anyone be mean to you. Ure such a nice person, with a sad face. Then he was saying if I had a chance of revenge I would play them and let them pay back wht they did to u. I was so shocked and didn't believe wht he said, how could he say that, I was scared if I was the one being played as he heard bout rumours from them first,

Help pls? I'm deeply confused. But he did intro me to his close friends and family. Should I trust this guy


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  • Yes, trust him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Aw.. he so sweet. he's really into you, and wants to be your knight in shining armor! Totally trust. You can't build a lasting relationship without trust.


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